Solinteg attended the 23rd Forum Neue Energiewelt

As the Industry leading PV energy storage solution provider, Solinteg has been invited to participate in the 23rd Forum Neue Energiewelt in Berlin on September 14-15. Solinteg held an in-depth discussion with the participants on the theme of “Free energy supply and climate neutrality” and expressed opinions in terms of PV energy storage technology and industry development, which got warm echo and attention.

The summit focused on how to overcome the challenges of energy supply security, political support, renewable energy expansion, supply chain bottlenecks and a shortage of skilled workers to achieve 100 percent renewable energy. Topics ranged from manufacturing, product quality, and the shortage of skilled workers in the German and even European PV industries to community energy management, gigawatt projects, and the ongoing energy price crisis.

Solinteg attended the 23rd Forum Neue Energiewelt

During the summit, Mrs. Suzanne Zhou, Managing Director of Solinteg GmbH, gave a lively presentation on the Solinteg and Integ M series 3-50kW hybrid inverter products. Simultaneously, she proposed that the integration of energy storage and PV technologies will become an inevitable trend as the proportion of PV self-consumption increases, and that PV energy utilization will be considerably improved through the application of distributed hybrid inverters. The proposition met with wide appreciation and recognition.

“We devote ourselves to contributing strength and wisdom to the development of the new energy industry and expect to cooperate with industry partners to find a more appropriate approach to make 100% renewable energy possible.”