Solinteg “Brainstorming” to Welcome Chinese New Year

On the eve of Chinese New Year, Solinteg Global Sales and Marketing Centre held a lively discussion in the form of “brainstorming” on several major topics such as customer service, team building and branding. Teams include sales, marketing, Solinteg Academy, customer service, R&D and EMS teams, among others. All teams expressed their views and brainstormed ideas to build a global and comprehensive customer service system.

Customer Centered

“Customer centered” is the core of Solinteg’s global marketing and service system. In light of this, our team discussed the strategic roadmap of products, analysis of customer pain points, focus on pre-sales and after-sales services, and ways to support the customer’s long-term development. During the discussion, the R&D department pointed out that accurate analysis of customer needs and pain points and converting them into projects would be the focus of the next phase. Likewise, the sales, marketing, Solinteg Academy and customer service teams also carried out work planning and deployment targeted on serving customers well.

Solinteg "Brainstorming" to Welcome Chinese New Year

Team Building and Collaboration

In 2022, Solinteg established branches in Singapore, Germany and Australia, and provided local warehousing services in the Netherlands. In 2023, we plan to set up branches in the United States, India, Brazil and South Africa to further improve our global layout. Under the framework of globalization, it’s urgent to be solved that the domestic team should take advantage of itself to support the local team in each region overseas, the overseas team should take advantage of the local strengths to be rooted in the local market, and the cross-departments should form complementary strengths among the team and build an “iron triangle” of business.

Solinteg "Brainstorming" to Welcome Chinese New Year

Brand Strategy

As the market develops and Solinteg grows, finding the right position for the brand and clarifying the direction of development has always been the focus of Solinteg ‘s brand strategy.
During the conference, we analyzed the uniqueness, possibilities and objectives of the Solinteg brand from the perspective of self-branding, customer-branding and PR-branding, as well as from the dimensions of product strength, brand personality and industry characteristics. This helped to form a consensus on the strategic direction of the brand.

Solinteg "Brainstorming" to Welcome Chinese New Year

With this meeting, the whole Solinteg team has achieved a clear goal, and we believe that in the coming Chinese Year of the Rabbit, we will be able to make great progress and make great leaps in development.