Solinteg group opens new branch in Munich, Germany

Global solar inverter and solution provider Solinteg is already active in the PV energy storage market in Europe and is now looking to expand its footprint in this region.

With the new office in Munich, Solinteg has created a new entity in Germany called Solinteg GmbH. As the operation center of Europe, the new branch will progressively deploy the functional team of business development, marketing, logistics and customer service, and organize other office openings in different European countries. With on-site team, Solinteg can get closer to customers and respond to their needs more specifically. In addition, an R&D center in Germany is also included in Solinteg’s strategic plan, which would be the most important part of Solinteg’s global R&D project. The R&D center based in Germany is committed to the cutting-edge technology research of renewable clean energy.

“We are pleased and excited to see large growth of PV energy storage market in Europe, particularly in residential and commercial use. And we have confidence to become a professional in this field.” Jason Wang, GM of Solinteg GmbH mentioned “Solinteg focus on leading technology of Photovoltaic application and energy storage, now can provide the most complete inverter product solution for residential and commercial use. Our hybrid inverter with a wide range of 3-50KW and on-grid inverter with 1-125KW will meet the various needs of households or commercial enterprises. Besides inverter products, Solinteg will launch more and more solutions regarding PV plus terminals, such as EV charger and heat pump, which will deliver the integrated solution with intelligent use of solar energy. We believe that solar energy has been the indispensable part during decentralized clean energy transition. To improve the efficiency of PV system and whole energy system, minimize the energy loss during the conversion, usage, storage, and interaction with grid has been the initial idea and orientation throughout Solinteg R&D and production.”

Solinteg group opens new branch in Munich, Germany