Solinteg launches Integ M 3-8kW new residential hybrid inverter

Solinteg, known as the professional of inverter technology, now introduces the new family member of Integ M 3-8kW single-phase hybrid inverter product to residential users which is integrated with modern appearance, advanced performance, easy installation, and stable long-term operation.

The Integ M 3-8kW single-phase hybrid inverter product has a wide power range with seven power classes of 3kW, 3.6kW, 4.2kW, 5kW, 6kW, 7KW, and 8kW, adopts a horizontal design and die-casting molding structure, measures 534×418×210mm, weights 27kg, with a quick plug terminal, which is easy for installation and O&M. Benefits from Solinteg’s unique R&D “MORE” platform, inverter products value added with strong functions as follows:

• Support PV input current up to 15A, which is compatible with all mainstream solar modules in the market to prevent power loss due to the current limit of high-power modules.
• The maximum efficiency reached 97.6% and reached 97% in European efficiency, further optimizing the utilization rate of photovoltaic power.
• On the battery side, products with a wide battery voltage range of 85-465V allow flexible battery capacity configuration. Furthermore, with a big charge/discharge current of up to 30A, the inverter can charge and discharge the battery in a shorter time with a higher power which can satisfy the higher demand of energy consumption or trading.
• 10ms UPS-level switching, means an imperceptible speed of power switchover when power outages occur, which can keep the continuous operation of the uninterrupted load.

In addition, from the user’s point of view, the product’s intelligent design such as bidirectional data management of OLED display and APP and WIFI configuration via APP makes the setting, debugging, monitoring, and management of the equipment more convenient. In addition, advanced heat dissipation design ensure the long-term and stable operation of the equipment, and low noise design makes home applications more comfortable.
“Following the 4-20kW three-phase hybrid inverter, we launched 3-8kW single phase inverter product this time for all houseowners and later this year we will also introduce the commercial product of Integ M series which is 25-50kW in three-phase” Solinteg said, “We provide the most complete inverter product solution for residential and commercial use.”


Solinteg launches Integ M 3-8kW new residential hybrid inverter



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