Solinteg launches new product: Integ O single phase 1-3.3kW compact on-grid inverter

The new on-grid inverter product is designed for residential application, has a small size of 291mm×220mm×158mm and weights low to 6kg, providing three power classes as 1.5kW, 2.5kW, and 3.3kW, with maximum efficiency of 97.5% and a European efficiency rating of 97.0%.

Solinteg, a world leading PV inverter and energy storage solutions, now launches Integ O single-phase 1-3.3kW on-grid inverter for residential application, which is about the same size as an A4 paper (291mm×220mm×158mm), and weighs 6kg only.

Solinteg launches new product: Integ O single phase 1-3.3kW compact on-grid inverter

“Though it is so compact, it still inherits our consistent product performance advantages,” Solinteg said.

The new product is available in three power classes of 1.5kW, 2.5kW, and 3.3kW. Depending on this value, the product’s efficiency spans from 97.3% to 97.5%, and the European efficiency from 96.4% to 97.0%.

The inverter supports PV input current up to 15 A, which is compatible with all mainstream solar modules in the market to prevent power loss due to the current limit of high-power modules. The 60V start-up voltage makes it with longer work time, which extremely optimizes PV energy utilization. With 110% continuous overloading capacity and export control ability, it can provide excellent performance during operation.

Profiting from IP65-rated protection and excellent heat dissipation systems based on natural convection, the invert has a stable long-term operation. And the fanless design provides a comfortable environment for users.

“It is also optimized with Solinteg Cloud, OLED display and I-light indicator for intelligent management and control.” Solinteg added “To be more intelligent and convenient is always our original intention of design.”

“We will continue to bring more new products to our customers. Worth to expect that, we will launch Integ M 25-50kW three-phase hybrid inverter for commercial application soon.”



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