Solinteg unveils three-phase 25-50kW hybrid inverter for C&I applications

The new three-phase hybrid inverter is available in five versions with rated output power range from 25kW to 50kW. They have a maximum efficiency of 98.8%, a European efficiency of 98.1%, and up to 4 MPPTs.

Solinteg, whose inverter products are well received by the market, this time launches Integ M three-phase 25-50kW hybrid inverter for commercial and industrial PV applications.

Solinteg unveils three-phase 25-50kW hybrid inverter for C&I applications


“It is an excellent extension of the Integ M series, offering five high power classes of 25kW, 30kW, 36kW, 40kW and 50kW. With strong parallel operation properties, its system power range covers from 25 to 500kW, which can meet up to 2MWH C&I PV storage system capacity requirements “Solinteg mentioned.

The new product adopts horizontal layout, measures 800mm×620mm×300mm, weights 72kg, achieves maximum efficiency of 98.8% and European efficiency of 98.3%.

The inverter assembled with up to four MPPTs, each MPPT PV input current rises to 30A and MPPT tracking voltage ranges from 200V DC to 850V. Its rated DC input voltage is 620V and maximum DC input voltage is up to 1000V.

This inverter incorporates a lithium battery with 100A battery charge/discharge current and an ultra-wide voltage ranging of 135-750V. “With 135V low start-up voltage and up to 100% unbalanced load function, it considerably increases PV utilization rate and saves electricity costs for users at a significant level.” Solinteg said.

The inverter product supports up to 110% AC output overloading, maximum 120% back-up output overloading at 60s, and within 20ms UPS-level switching. Thanks to this outstanding performance, electrical safety is greatly guaranteed during operation.

In addition, the IP65 protection degree and excellent heat dissipation ability make the inverter with higher reliability. And consistently optimized product designs such as Solinteg cloud, built-in EMS, and OLED display, have provided a more intelligent service for customers.

“We will continue to increase investment in inverter technology R&D and enrich our product line to provide more comprehensive PV storage solutions for global applications. So far, we can provide three types of hybrid inverter products of Integ M family, including single-phase 3-8kW, three-phase 4-20kW and three-phase 25-50kW, to meet various demands from residential and C&I applications.”



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